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  1. Thermotex 650 KSF

    Thermotex 650 KSF

    High temperature, rough textured-effect finish resistant to 650°C Learn More
  2. Thermozink 600 KSA

    Thermozink 600 KSA

    High temperature, Air-drying metallic zinc-based coating, resistant to 600°C Learn More
  3. K105 Epodur

    K105 Epodur

    Air-drying 2-pack high-performance epoxy primer for metal Learn More
  4. K112 Alkiral

    K112 Alkiral

    Air-drying 1-pack topcoat for metal Learn More
  5. K272 Isosinth

    K272 Isosinth

    High-performance finish for metal, ideal for exterior use Learn More
  6. K32 Etolux

    K32 Etolux

    Highly chemical resistant finish for metal Learn More
  7. K651A


    High-performance finish for metal Learn More
  8. K651TP


    Coating for engine and equipment rooms Learn More
  9. K216 W protective paint for engine compartment

    K216 W protective paint for...

    Water-based protective coating for the engine compartment. Learn More
  10. K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    Water-based protective removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More

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