Coating for engine and equipment rooms

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High-performance finish for metal.

Suitable for both interior and exterior use; superior hardness and chemical resistance.

Air-drying two-pack product.

essicazione all'aria - air-drying bicomponente - two-pack


Can be produced in many different colours, with various gloss levels.


Can be used to coat any metal item.

Technical components, such as piping, valves, stairs, panelling, frames, structures, engine and equipment rooms, handles, trimmings and other items exposed to sun and rain.

Electronic and mechanical equipment housings.

Also makes an excellent finish for designer home accessories or small items of furniture.


Coating developed for the marine sector, featuring extremely high performance in terms of:

  • direct adhesion to metal
  • elasticity, hardness and abrasion resistance
  • chemical and corrosion resistance
  • UV stability and durability against weathering

Heat Resistance:

  • 300°C Blacks
  • 300°C Colors
  • 200°C Transparent

Chromatic Resistance:

  • 300°C Blacks
  • 220°C Colors
  • 150°C Transparent


Treatment of surfaces to be coated

The metal to be coated must be thoroughly clean. Cleaning can be carried out with degreasing solvents or detergents to remove all traces of dirt, grease and dust.

This is usually enough to promote optimum adhesion on the more common metals.

For cleaning the metal surfaces the suitable diluent is DPM01

When dealing with more difficult substrates, such as stainless steel, pressed aluminium, brass and other metals with a very smooth, shiny finish, it's always best to pretreat the surface by abrasive blasting or sanding to promote better adhesion.


This is a finish with a highly attractive aesthetic appearance; it must be applied by spraying with normal airmix or airless equipment, fitting the spray gun with nozzles measuring between 1.2 and 1.7 mm and setting air pressure to 3-4 bar.

The thickness of the film to be applied must be in the range from 30 to 50 microns.

The product air-dries at ambient temperature in approx. 30-40 minutes.

KIT composition example

2 Kg (1 Kg of product A + 0,5 Kg of product B + 0,5 Lt of diluent DM651)

3,5 Kg (2 Kg of product A + 1 Kg of product B + 0,5 Lt of diluent DM651)

7 Kg (4 Kg of product A + 2 Kg of product B + 1 Lt of diluent DM651)


12 m2 with 1 KIT of 2 Kg by applying a thickness of 40 µm.


  • Drying Air Drying
  • Composition Two-pack
  • Typology Solvent-based
  • Material Metal
  • Heat Resistant 220°C
  • Performance anticorrosive / chemical resistance / mechanical resistance
  • Application spraying
  • Suitable diluent DM651

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Coating for engine and equipment rooms

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