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  1. K105 Epodur

    K105 Epodur

    Air-drying 2-pack high-performance epoxy primer for metal Learn More
  2. K399 Epofiller

    K399 Epofiller

    Base coat and sealant Learn More
  3. ETR K2803 Hull interior and bilge coating

    ETR K2803 Hull interior and...

    High-build 100% polymer coating with powerful reinforcing, sealing and remedial properties. Harmless and non-flammable, totally free from solvents and heavy metals. Learn More
  4. K39 Fuel tank lining

    K39 Fuel tank lining

    High-build remedial, sealing and reinforcing protective coating, 100% active substances. Harmless, non-flammable product; comes in green-grey. Free from solvents and heavy metals Learn More
  5. K40 Food-contact certified tank lining

    K40 Food-contact certified tank...

    High-build reconditioning coating, for sealing and restoration, 100% solids. Non-toxic, non-flammable product; free from solvents and heavy metals. Learn More
  6. K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    Water-based protective removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More
  7. K500 Fuel Tanks

    K500 Fuel Tanks

    Fuel tank lining Non-toxic, odourless and non-flammable. Learn More
  8. K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    Chip guard underbody coating. Resistance to impact with stone chips at 200 km/h. 100% water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable. Learn More
  9. Flooring K-FL

    Flooring K-FL

    Air-drying floor coating Learn More
  10. Flooring K-VCR

    Flooring K-VCR

    High-performance floor coating. High chemical resistance and mechanical strength, for medium-high traffic. Learn More

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