K272 Isosinth

High-performance finish for metal, ideal for exterior use

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High-performance finish for metal, ideal for exterior use.

Very high hardness, sun and weather resistance, non-yellowing.

essicazione all'aria - air-drying bicomponente - two-pack


Can be produced in any colour, to match a sample or with reference to colour charts. Varying gloss level ranging from semi-gloss to very high gloss.


This finish provides great aesthetic and technical performance.

Used as a topcoat for farm equipment, earthmoving and industrial machinery, metal stairs, structural metalwork and, more generally speaking, for any structure exposed continuously to direct sunlight and the elements.

Popular choice in car refinishing for restoration purposes; for coating bicycle frames and other sports equipment.


This finish features:

  • extremely high hardness
  • outdoor resistance
  • colour retention and non-yellowing properties
  • excellent chemical resistance to aggressive substances
  • very high gloss levels
  • very quick drying


Treatment of surfaces to be coated

All metals must be abrasive blasted or sanded first to promote better adhesion.

For cleaning the metal surfaces the suitable diluent is DPM01

Following pretreatment, clean the surface thoroughly with solvent and a good blast of compressed air.

For higher performance coating systems, you can apply specific overcoatable anticorrosive primers, such as K105 Epodur.


Apply by spraying only, with traditional airmix or airless spray equipment at low pressure. Use spray nozzles measuring between 1.0 and 1.5 mm and air pressure set to 3-4 bar.

Make sure you blend the product carefully to an even thickness of 30-40 microns.

The product air-dries at ambient temperature in approx. 30-40 minutes. If you have a baking oven or other heating systems, set to a temperature of 50-80°C, and allow for a drying time of between 30 minutes and 1 hour or more depending on the part's thermal inertia.

KIT composition example

2 Kg (1 Kg of product A + 0,5 Kg of product B + 0,5 Lt of diluent DK272)

7 Kg (4 Kg of product A + 2 Kg of product B + 1 Lt of diluent DK272)


14 m2 with 1 KIT of 2 Kg by applying a thickness of 40 µm.


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  • Drying Air Drying
  • Composition Two-pack
  • Typology Solvent-based
  • Material Metal
  • Performance chemical resistance / mechanical resistance
  • Application spraying
  • Suitable diluent DK272

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K272 Isosinth

K272 Isosinth

High-performance finish for metal, ideal for exterior use

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