Terms of Request and technical support

Any requests for products and / or services shall be assessed in the individual specificity and from time to time will be answered.

1. Requests for one or more products should be sent only by e-mail, using the form by clicking on the orange button "Request Information Purchases" present in more pages of the site. Please be careful in indicating the codes referring to the product and the related quantities.

2. As far as the painting work, customization, and other requirements of different nature, please send mail specifying the type of work.

3. Technical support is always available via phone and email, but sometimes it is not always immediately ready. Send email and indicating a particular urgency in being re-contacted.

4. The telephone number provided on the website is only for technical communications.

5. Each order paint is produced on exclusive. Each order is identified by a batch number on the label that refers to one single production. Of each batch is preserved a significant amount from the laboratory according to the protocol of production of that particular paint.