Thermotex 650 KSF

High temperature, rough textured-effect finish resistant to 650°C

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High temperature, Rough textured-effect finish resistant to 650°C, for oven baking at 200°C.

Excellent adhesion, hardness and elasticity. Great resistance to corrosion, chemicals and weathering.

cottura a forno - oven baked monocomponente - one-pack


Available in many shades of black and grey, including metallic versions. The degree of roughness is highly customizable, ranging from very rough to soft.

Gloss level never exceeds 20.


Widely used for coating stoves, fires, boilers and other flue and heating accessories.

The adjustability of the product's rough effect and its technical and aesthetic properties mean it's also suitable for coating substrates with a less than perfect surface finish since it effectively conceals minor scratches and marks left by machining.


This coating's main features are:

  • heat resistance certified by the manufacturer
  • unbeatable adhesion, hardness and elasticity
  • resistance to aggressive chemicals and weathering
  • ability to even conceal minor defects on the metal's surface


Treatment of surfaces to be coated

It's very important to clean the surface thoroughly, making sure there are no traces of dirt, grease or dust left behind from previous work.

For cleaning the metal surfaces the suitable diluent is DPM01

When dealing with common steel and aluminium, the surface does not require any special preparation.

If you're coating stainless steel, pressed aluminium or other difficult metals with a smooth, reflective surface, abrasive blasting or sanding are always recommended.


The product is ready for use. However, only when absolutely necessary can be diluted with the specific diluent DL003.

Apply by spraying only, using classic airmix or airless equipment at low pressure, around 3-4 bar.

Spray gun nozzles must be greater than 1.5 mm in diameter, up to 2.2 mm. Apply in a thin film, generally between 30 and 50 microns thick.

Oven bake the coating for at least 50 minutes at a temperature of at least 180°C.


7 m2 with 1 Kg of product by applying a thickness of 30 µm.


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  • Drying Oven Curing
  • Composition One-pack
  • Typology Solvent-based
  • Material Metal
  • Heat Resistant 650°C
  • Performance chemical resistance / mechanical resistance
  • Application spraying
  • Suitable diluent DL003

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Thermotex 650 KSF

Thermotex 650 KSF

High temperature, rough textured-effect finish resistant to 650°C

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