Sokema's Racing division: all the experience and technology inherited from industry, applied to the racing world. Bodywork and underbody protection, high temperature protection, tank lining, anti-slip coating for pedals and foot wells, hi-tech products for cars, motorcycles and more besides. When it comes to speed, performance and racing against time, you need a solution that sets its sights as high as yours. This means giving your team technologically advanced products to increase performance and take care of your equipment, be it a single-seater F1 racing car, a pair of skis or anything in between. Whether you're into rally driving, motorcycle racing, speedboat racing, flying, endurance racing, cycling or any of a hundred other sports, this line caters to your needs.

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  1. K216 W protective paint for engine compartment

    K216 W protective paint for...

    Water-based protective coating for the engine compartment. Learn More
  2. K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    Water-based protective removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More
  3. K500 Fuel Tanks

    K500 Fuel Tanks

    Fuel tank lining Non-toxic, odourless and non-flammable. Learn More
  4. K600 Anti-slip for pedal

    K600 Anti-slip for pedal

    Anti-slip coating for car pedals and foot wells Learn More
  5. K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    Chip guard underbody coating. Resistance to impact with stone chips at 200 km/h. 100% water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable. Learn More
  6. Termokolor


    Coloured heat resistant paint, suitable for coating: exhaust systems, silencers, exhaust tips, manifolds, brake calipers Learn More
  7. K251 Peelable solvent-base - Wrapping

    K251 Peelable solvent-base -...

    Solvent-based removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More

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