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Mufflers, manifolds and exhaust systems

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  1. Thermodur 500T

    Thermodur 500T

    High temperature, Clear coating, oven baked, resistant to 500°C Learn More
  2. Thermodur 650

    Thermodur 650

    High temperature coating, oven baked, for metal subjected to temperatures as high as 650°C Learn More
  3. Thermodur 750

    Thermodur 750

    High temperature, oven baked, Matt black coating, heat resistance up to 750°C Learn More
  4. Thermoplast 600

    Thermoplast 600

    High temperature coating, air-drying, resistant to 600°C Learn More
  5. Thermozink 600 KSA

    Thermozink 600 KSA

    High temperature, Air-drying metallic zinc-based coating, resistant to 600°C Learn More

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