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  1. ETR K2803 Hull interior and bilge coating

    ETR K2803 Hull interior and...

    High-build 100% polymer coating with powerful reinforcing, sealing and remedial properties. Harmless and non-flammable, totally free from solvents and heavy metals. Learn More
  2. K39 Fuel tank lining

    K39 Fuel tank lining

    High-build remedial, sealing and reinforcing protective coating, 100% active substances. Harmless, non-flammable product; comes in green-grey. Free from solvents and heavy metals Learn More
  3. K40 Food-contact certified tank lining

    K40 Food-contact certified tank...

    High-build reconditioning coating, for sealing and restoration, 100% solids. Non-toxic, non-flammable product; free from solvents and heavy metals. Learn More
  4. K216 W protective paint for engine compartment

    K216 W protective paint for...

    Water-based protective coating for the engine compartment. Learn More
  5. K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    Water-based protective removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More
  6. K500 Fuel Tanks

    K500 Fuel Tanks

    Fuel tank lining Non-toxic, odourless and non-flammable. Learn More
  7. K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    Chip guard underbody coating. Resistance to impact with stone chips at 200 km/h. 100% water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable. Learn More
  8. Termokolor


    Coloured heat resistant paint, suitable for coating: exhaust systems, silencers, exhaust tips, manifolds, brake calipers Learn More

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