Performance Line coatings cater to the demand for the most advanced performance from the car, motorcycle, chemical and engineering industries. Their wide-ranging properties mean they also find application in construction and agriculture. Coatings for metal, plastic, glass, marble, cementitious structures. Widely tried-and-tested polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy coatings successfully meet a range of requirements in terms of adhesion, chemical resistance, anticorrosion, hardness, elasticity, ageing, performance, heat resistance, environmental impact and toxicity.. Coatings offering certified and guaranteed quality and performance, made to order in lots tested job by job, in various different colours, including metallic versions.

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  1. K105 Epodur

    K105 Epodur

    Air-drying 2-pack high-performance epoxy primer for metal Learn More
  2. K112 Alkiral

    K112 Alkiral

    Air-drying 1-pack topcoat for metal Learn More
  3. K272 Isosinth

    K272 Isosinth

    High-performance finish for metal, ideal for exterior use Learn More
  4. K32 Etolux

    K32 Etolux

    Highly chemical resistant finish for metal Learn More
  5. K399 Epofiller

    K399 Epofiller

    Base coat and sealant Learn More
  6. K651A


    High-performance finish for metal Learn More

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