Flooring K-FL

Air-drying floor coating

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Air-drying 2-pack floor coating.

Ideal for large areas, with good chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

For interior applications only

essicazione all'aria - air-drying bicomponente - two-pack


Can be produced in any colour with reference to international colour charts or to match a sample.



This is an easy-to-apply high-performance coating for industrial applications.

Excellent for machine shops, warehouses and plant rooms where foot and vehicle traffic is not too heavy.

It acts as a dustproof film that is easy to clean and overcoatable; it makes an excellent adhesion-promoting primer for more hard-wearing coating systems.



Very widely used product employed for its;

  • effortless application
  • high performance
  • good mechanical and chemical properties
  • overcoatability with the same product or other coating systems


Treatment of surfaces to be coated

Given the enormous variety of floors and substrates, it's best to analyse each job individually.

Treating tiled surfaces, for instance, may involve removing the tiles or require abrasion procedures to promote better adhesion.

When coating concrete, it's important to clean the surface thoroughly, removing dust and all traces of moisture and oil.



The coating is really easy to apply by roller, taking care to spread the product well, cross-rolling the coats to produce an even thickness and an attractive final appearance.

If spraying, use normal airmix or airless equipment, with air pressure set to 3-4 bar and spray nozzles measuring between 1.5 and 2.0 mm.

How thick the product is to be applied varies depending on surface absorption. Thickness can range from 50 microns on smooth and not very absorbent surfaces, to 200-plus on coarser substrates, which can be applied in a number of consecutive coats.

Air-dries at ambient temperature in approx. 30-40 minutes and can be overcoated after approx. 3-4 hours. Leave to cure for at least 48 hours before allowing foot traffic.

KIT composition example

5 Kg (3 Kg of product A + 1 Kg of product B + 1 Lt of diluent DFGFL)

12 Kg (9 Kg of product A + 3 Kg of product B + 3 Lt of diluent DFGFL)


From 15 to 30 m2 with 1 KIT of 5 Kg depending on the absorbency of the floor.


  • Drying Air Drying
  • Composition Two-pack
  • Typology Solvent-based
  • Material Metal / Fiberglass / Concrete / Wood / Flooring
  • Performance anticorrosive / mechanical resistance
  • Application spraying / roller / brush
  • Suitable diluent DFGFL

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Flooring K-FL

Flooring K-FL

Air-drying floor coating

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