Thermodur 750

High temperature, oven baked, Matt black coating, heat resistance up to 750°C

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High temperature, Special coating oven baked at 200°C, heat resistance up to 750°C.

Professional product, very matt, available in black only.

To be applied by spraying only in an extremely thin film. Excellent outdoor resistance.

cottura a forno - oven baked monocomponente - one-pack


Comes in just one colour: black with a very matt finish.



It is ideal for all metalwork exposed to working temperatures over 650°C.

Meant for professional use only on car and motorcycle exhaust manifolds and on plant components in iron and steelworks, chemical plants and cement factories.

In the science field, for coating temperature and electromagnetic measuring instruments.


The product's success has been built on the following key features:

  • extremely high heat resistance and colour stability certified by the manufacturer
  • adhesion and elasticity at high temperatures
  • good chemical resistance and mechanical strength
  • the finish's elegant appearance


Treatment of surfaces to be coated

For this product, it's essential to make sure the surface is thoroughly clean, carefully eliminating dirt, grease and dust.

For cleaning the metal surfaces the suitable diluent is DPM01

It's always best to pretreat surfaces by abrasive blasting with a fine grit or sanding to promote optimum adhesion.


The product is ready for use. However, only when absolutely necessary can be diluted with the specific diluent DL003.

Apply by spraying only, in an extremely thin film, preferably around 20 microns thick.

Ssuitable for application with either airmix or airless systems, with air pressure set to 3-4 bar. Best applied using small spray nozzles, measuring between 1.0 and 1.5 mm in diameter.

The product must be oven baked, at a temperature of 200°C for 50 minutes minimum.


7 m2 with 1 Kg of product by applying a thickness of 30 µm.


  • Drying Oven Curing
  • Composition One-pack
  • Typology Solvent-based
  • Material Metal
  • Heat Resistant 750°C
  • Performance anticorrosive / chemical resistance / mechanical resistance
  • Application spraying
  • Suitable diluent DL003

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Thermodur 750

Thermodur 750

High temperature, oven baked, Matt black coating, heat resistance up to 750°C

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