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  1. K600 Anti-slip for pedal

    K600 Anti-slip for pedal

    Anti-slip coating for car pedals and foot wells Learn More
  2. K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    K777 Chip guard underbody coating

    Chip guard underbody coating. Resistance to impact with stone chips at 200 km/h. 100% water-based, non-toxic and non-flammable. Learn More
  3. Termokolor


    Coloured heat resistant paint, suitable for coating: exhaust systems, silencers, exhaust tips, manifolds, brake calipers Learn More
  4. Flooring K-FL

    Flooring K-FL

    Air-drying floor coating Learn More
  5. Flooring K-VCR

    Flooring K-VCR

    High-performance floor coating. High chemical resistance and mechanical strength, for medium-high traffic. Learn More
  6. Floortex K-FL

    Floortex K-FL

    Anti-slip effect floor paint. Air-drying two-pack product. Learn More
  7. K901 Multiflex

    K901 Multiflex

    High-elasticity high-adhesion coating for rubbery and flexible substrates. Air-drying two-pack product; overcoatable. Learn More
  8. K902 Duralflex

    K902 Duralflex

    High-elasticity finish for rubbery and flexible materials. Excellent resistance to bending and torsion; also ideal for exposure outdoors. Learn More
  9. K251 Peelable solvent-base - Wrapping

    K251 Peelable solvent-base -...

    Solvent-based removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More
  10. Metalsoft 1

    Metalsoft 1

    PEACH EFFECT – very much soft and silky effect, like peach skin, very opaque Soft-Touch effect for metal. High chemical resistance and mechanical strength, for interior use only. System comprising two 2-pack products. Learn More

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