High performance anti-corrosion coating cycle

The maximum performance in terms of corrosion resistance for metals, can be provided by coating system consists of the pimer epoxy K105 Epodur and the polyurethane finish K651A.

Both products are approved individually in a variety of industries, chemicals, shipbuilding, automotive and construction industries. The combined features of both gives rise to the cycle coating with exceptional performance.

Testing conducted in laboratory and real life experiences confirm the excellent results of:

  • Resistance to corrosion tests in salt mist chamber: positive after more than 3000 hours of exposure
  • Resistance to the outside (sun, rain, temperature changes, etc etc.): positive after more than 10 years with only chromatic decay less than 5%
  • Maintenance of mechanical performance of hardness, elasticity and chemical resistance to aggressive substances.
  • Thermal resistance at 200°C

It's painting cycle dedicated to various sectors, professional and DIY, great for: carpentry (gates, stairs, structures), industrial and agricultural machinery, equipment and tools, chemical plants and waste treatment, painting of railway equipment, soil moving, large metal structures, stands, motors, cylinders, external tanks and pipes , valves or any other artifact metal that requires maximum protection.

The application method is very simple and consists of:

  • Cleaning of the substrate (removal of dirt or rust)
  • Application of primer K105 EPODUR
  • Drying of the primer (3 hours at 20°C)
  • Application of finishing K651A (within 48 hours of drying primer)
  • Drying of the finish (3 hours at 20°C)

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