The technology, which confirms Sokema as one of the market's leaders, delivers high-performance silicone coatings (up to 800°C) that have become trusted products in business sectors such as: household heating (stoves, fires, flue accessories), specialist automotive (exhaust systems, engines, brake calipers), industry (petrochemical, iron and steel, engineering, scientific research).

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High Temperature – Drying Oven Curing

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  1. Thermodur 500T

    Thermodur 500T

    High temperature, Clear coating, oven baked, resistant to 500°C Learn More
  2. Thermodur 650

    Thermodur 650

    High temperature coating, oven baked, for metal subjected to temperatures as high as 650°C Learn More
  3. Thermodur 750

    Thermodur 750

    High temperature, oven baked, Matt black coating, heat resistance up to 750°C Learn More
  4. Thermokolor 300 KSF

    Thermokolor 300 KSF

    High temperature, oven baked, coloured coatings with colour stability up to 300°C Learn More
  5. Thermotex 650 KSF

    Thermotex 650 KSF

    High temperature, rough textured-effect finish resistant to 650°C Learn More

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