• The choice of the most important car
    manufactures and designers of the world
    to make unique and exclusive their works.
  • Division dedicated to paint resistant to
    high temperatures. Resistance from 300 to 750°C
    for stoves, fireplaces, mufflers, brake calipers..
  • Professional coatings tested on metals,
    plastic, glass, marble and concrete.
    Corrosion, chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • Line dedicated to prestigious shipyards.
    The range includes coatings for fuel tanks, inner
    hull and bilge, food-contact certified tanks lining..
  • All the experience and technology inherited
    from the industry, applied to the world of racing
    and tuning. Peelable, high temperature..
  • Coatings developed for special sectors.
    These range from military applications to flooring,
    renewable energy and special effects.


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Consulting our website you will find some of the technologies developed over the years in the fields of industrial applications and not only.

For paint we intend: finishes, coatings, treatments, protective film, aesthetic effects

For performance also it means chemical, mechanical, thermal resistance

Prodotti Supporto tecnico


Cycle A: ERP80 + EK105

Wrinkle paint Riloplast cycle

Wrinkler Riloplast: top performance of adhesion, corrosion resistance, high elasticity for metal and plastic.


Cycle B: EK105 + EK32X

high performance metal cycle

Very high metal protection exposed to chemical aggressive and corrosive environments


Cycle C: ETZ60 + ETD75

high thermal and corrosion resistance cycle

Coating with high thermal and corrosion resistance for exhaust systems, manifolds, mufflers.


Cycle D: EK105 + EI651

high outdoor resistance anti-corrosion cycle

Finishing for metals with very high outdoor resistance, anti-corrosion, exceptional hardness and elasticity.


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