High performance coating cycle for exhaust systems

For high performance professional painting of exhaust systems, mufflers, manifolds and silencers of cars, motorcycles, work vehicles, marine engines and generally for all applications that require high heat resistance and high resistance to corrosion, the ideal cycle consists of the following products:

The Thermozink KSA 600 is a silicone zinc primer, approved by leading motorcycle manufacturers, thanks to the presence of zinc and other metal salts, inhibits corrosion.

The finish Thermodur 750 is a product available only in matt black version, which is also enriched with metallic zinc and corrosion inhibitors, certified and approved.

The complete cycle allows to ensure thermal resistance over 650 ° C and superior corrosion resistance compared to the one layer coating only. The double silicone film / zinc has good moisture resistance and water repellency.

The main benefits are summarized as follows:

  • Thermal resistance to over 650°C (only when applied to very low thickness, 30-40 mµ)
  • Excellent elasticity and resistance to thermal shock
  • Corrosion resistance: more than 300 hours of exposure in the salt spray chamber
  • Good chemical resistance to fuel, oil, detergents, alcohol
  • Good impermeability to water and moisture

The application method is very simple and consists of:

  • Cleaning of the substrate (removal of dirt or rust)
  • Application of primer Thermozink 600 KSA
  • Drying of the primer (2 hours at 20°C)
  • Application of finishing Thermodur 750
  • Drying oven to finish (1 hour at 200°C)

The transition to the oven closes and strengthens the lattice of silicon and zinc for both products and links them inextricably

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