The Marine Line has been developed specifically for the high-end boat and ship building industry, offering one-of-a-kind products that are used successfully by the world's leading shipyards. The range includes coatings for fuel and drinking water tanks, the inside of bilges and hulls. All products come with the requisite certification issued by accredited laboratories attesting to chemical resistance, food compatibility and fire behaviour. It's worth noting that products bear the MED-IMO, label, which certifies that they "meet calorific value and optical density of smoke requirements", and are certified to meet ASTM D635 standards for "fire-retardant and self-extinguishing" products.

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Marine – Performance anticorrosive / chemical resistance / mechanical resistance / self-extinguish / protective / sanitary – Application roller / brush

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  1. ETR K2803 Hull interior and bilge coating

    ETR K2803 Hull interior and...

    High-build 100% polymer coating with powerful reinforcing, sealing and remedial properties. Harmless and non-flammable, totally free from solvents and heavy metals. Learn More

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