K251 Peelable solvent-base - Wrapping

Solvent-based removable paint.

Good for Wrapping

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Removable paint for Car-Wrapping.

Easy to apply, quick drying, suitable fro Car-Wrapping, motorcycles, trucks, boats.

essicazione all'aria - air-drying monocomponente - one-pack



Ideal to change the colour of your car, wheels, spoiler, hulls, bodywork and boats.

It forms a thin layer that protect from small scratches, bumps and dirt.


Main features and limits

  • Available in many colours, also semi-transparent
  • Easy to apply and easily removable
  • Good resistance to sun, bad weather, scratches and bumps
  • Resistant to water and washes

LIMITS: K251 is a solvent based product that once removed may cause opacification of painted surfaces and plastics.We recommend to perform suitability tests. Surfcaces can be repaired with polishing operations.


Treatment of surfaces to be coated

Surfaces to be coated must be smooth and non-absorbent.

Surface must be cleaned thoroughly, removing all traces of dirt, grease and moisture.

Do not apply on surfaces that are too cold or have been heated up by the sun.



Apply by spraying to achieve a higher standard of finish.

The product must be applied to form a coating thickness ranging from 30 and 50 µm.

The spraying equipment required consists in traditional spray guns with nozzles measuring between 1.2 and 1.7 mm and an air pressure of 3 bar.

It can also be applied by brush or roller, but only if a high standard of finish is not a priority.

The resulting film air-dries at ambient temperature in approx. 20 minutes. It can be peeled off once the surface has been left to dry for at least 2 hours.



7 m2 with 1 Kg of product by applying a thickness of 40 µm.



Peelable paints are borne as temporary protective layer for mechanical processing or to protect car and industrial machinery for transport.

Technological development has, however, allowed the introduction and spread of these products in Car wrapping and decorative sector;

At the time of selection, the user and the end user should note that:

  • Peelable coatings do not have the performance of a classic finish coating.
  • They have less resistance to the sun and are more sensitive to dirt.
  • They have a duration which, under normal use and weather conditions, ranges from 6 to 9 months. After this time, the product may be more difficult to peel or show some discoloration.
  • It works correctly only if you meet the stated thicknesses and application advice.

ProductProduct CodeColorColor Code
K251 EK251 Matt transparent 0010
Semi-gloss transparent 0020
Blue 5820
Military Green 6250
Orange 2250
Black 9500
Yellow 1230
Red 2200
White 9160
Gray 7000
Desert storm 1290
Military brown 8540
Sky blue 5110
Acid green 6077
Magenta 4075
Violet 4076
  • Drying Air Drying
  • Composition One-pack
  • Typology Solvent-based
  • Material metal / plastic / fiberglass / glass-ceramic / leather-rubber / marble
  • Performance mechanical resistance / protective
  • Application spraying

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K251 Peelable solvent-base - Wrapping

K251 Peelable solvent-base - Wrapping

Solvent-based removable paint.

Good for Wrapping

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