Sokema's Racing division: all the experience and technology inherited from industry, applied to the racing world. Bodywork and underbody protection, high temperature protection, tank lining, anti-slip coating for pedals and foot wells, hi-tech products for cars, motorcycles and more besides. When it comes to speed, performance and racing against time, you need a solution that sets its sights as high as yours. This means giving your team technologically advanced products to increase performance and take care of your equipment, be it a single-seater F1 racing car, a pair of skis or anything in between. Whether you're into rally driving, motorcycle racing, speedboat racing, flying, endurance racing, cycling or any of a hundred other sports, this line caters to your needs.

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Racing – Application spraying

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  1. K216 W protective paint for engine compartment

    K216 W protective paint for...

    Water-based protective coating for the engine compartment. Learn More
  2. K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    K300 Peelable - Wrapping

    Water-based protective removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More
  3. K600 Anti-slip for pedal

    K600 Anti-slip for pedal

    Anti-slip coating for car pedals and foot wells Learn More
  4. Termokolor


    Coloured heat resistant paint, suitable for coating: exhaust systems, silencers, exhaust tips, manifolds, brake calipers Learn More
  5. K251 Peelable solvent-base - Wrapping

    K251 Peelable solvent-base -...

    Solvent-based removable paint. Good for Wrapping Learn More

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